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Mission and Vision
Spanish Translation Center

STC mission statement:

We support the mission of Columbia University by providing accurate and complete Spanish translations of study-related documents for investigators who seek to recruit participants from our Hispanic community.

STC vision statement:

We dedicate our effort to eliminating language and cultural obstacles that interfere with the recruitment of Hispanic participants in clinical trials.  We work efficiently to offer quality translations to the Spanish-speaking clinical trial participants.

The STC team is aware of its responsibility to investigators and participants in clinical trials, as well as the importance of a correct and understandable translation.  We consider factors such as educational level, complexity of language, and universality of word usage when translating our materials.  We also tailor our translations to the characteristic target population.  Ultimately, translations must be clear, precise, and understandable.

To fulfill all of these requirements in our translations, it is essential to have a good translation team.  STC translators have worked for many years in the healthcare field.  Their experience allows us to maintain the quality of our translations and comply with IRB standards.


To provide translations, modifications, and renewals of study-related documents such as consent forms, assent forms, questionnaires, brochures, flyers, and newsletters.
To review and edit translations done by outside translators.
To read and explain the informed consent form to Spanish-speaking participants who are unable to do so for themselves for any reason.

STC values:

Achievement Service to the research community, excellence in the work product
Commitment Reliable, diligent, productive, punctual
Integrity Trust, honesty, confidentiality
Teamwork Collaboration, common goals, professional growth

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