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Mission and Vision
Accounting & Budget Services Group

Group mission statement:

We support the mission of Columbia University by striving to provide excellent Accounting & Budget Services to all members of the university’s research community.

Group vision statement:

Our actions reflect our values and enable us to consistently provide accurate, efficient, and timely financial services, in a courteous manner, to all of our constituents.

The members of the Accounting & Budget Services team recognize that our primary constituents are the faculty, and staff of Columbia University. We provide accurate and timely information that includes appropriate and relevant analysis and conclusions. We fulfill our commitments and follow-up appropriately to ensure satisfaction with the services we provide. We communicate clearly and effectively. We continuously improve financial systems and processes. We have an up-to-date web site that is informative and useful. Our policies, guidelines, and procedures are well-reasoned, well known, understood, up-to-date, and easily accessible. We anticipate, think creatively to find better ways, raise questions and issues, and recommend answers and solutions. Team members are well informed and cross-trained in critical department functions. We encourage individual team members to develop to their fullest potential.


Comprehensive study budget preparation
Develop fee schedules
Conduct all levels of sponsor negotiations
Account creation
Billing for first time invoiceables and related annual renewals
Bill and collect all WIRB fees, and coordinate payments to WIRB
Collect all ordinate WIRB service payments

Our group values:

Achievement: Learning, knowledge, attaining goals, personal growth, financial security
Commitment: Reliable, dedicated
Integrity: Trust, honesty, self-respect
Teamwork: Collaboration, community, belonging, trust, common goals

We welcome your feedback!   Please submit any comments or suggestions about our group's mission, vision, and values (or how we are doing in fulfilling them) here.

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