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Spanish Translation Center
Spanish Translation Center
The Clinical Trials Office
Columbia University Medical Center
622 West 168 Street, PH 10-305, Room 203-C
New York, NY 10032
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Submission Instructions
We have integrated into our online submission system the procedure for submitting documents to be translated, modified, or reviewed (click here for instructions).  Use this web entry system to e-mail all documents to the Spanish Translation Center (STC). 

For translations, modifications, and reviews

English documents should be IRB-stamped.  Please make sure that English documents
(1) show the IRB Study Number, Consent Form Number, and Copied Form (if appropriate)
(2) have no errors or inconsistencies: all names, telephone numbers, IRB numbers, etc., should be internally consistent.
If there are errors or inconsistencies, please inform the IRB and have the document corrected and re-stamped before submitting for translation.

Additional instructions for reviews

E-mail both the Spanish document and the English document. This will allow the STC to make any necessary corrections, print, and stamp the corrected version for submission to the IRB.

Please note: you are responsible for ensuring that the documents you submit to the STC are the correct ones.  After submitting a document, you are responsible for the cost of the service provided. 

Services and Rates
    Any sponsor: $150 per page ($150 minimum)
    Any sponsor: $40 per page ($40 minimum)
 Review and edit of translation done outside of STC
    Any sponsor: $40 per page ($40 minimum)
 Certification of Translation None
 Rush None

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